T-Rex – 85 parts

 3D  - T-Rex - 85

The most fearsome predator of the Cretaceous. Called Rex (ruler, king), this beast was 6 meters high and 15 meters long. Weighing 5 tons and 30 cm teeth, terrifying roar and a fierce temper, he fully deserves its title of “Rex”.
Wooden 3D puzzle
Assembled from 85 wooden pieces.
Operated by the sound – a sound sensor.
Perform three different commands:
- Clap your hands once – T-Rex starts walking and growling
- Clap twice – T-Rex turns right and growls
- Clap three times – T-Rex turns left and growling
Dimensions: 314/121/220mm
Just clap your hands and this beast will vivify …
The kit does not include batteries.
Certificates: CE, RoHs, EN71, ASTMT 963
Price 39.90 lv


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