Apatosaurus – 72 parts

Apatosaurus – dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus / brontosaurus is herbivore lived in the late Jurassic period. His body strangely merged parts of other animals together in a strange combination. Apatosaurus resembled today’s elephant – “fingers” were the basis of his strong, thick, pillar-shaped limbs. The dinosaur was about 24.6 tons with a tail consisting of 82 bones. It is considered that his tail was used for defense against predators (mainly T-Rex) in front of a long, muscular neck towering high ends a small flat head full of teeth. It is assumed that it spent more time in the water to cool and cleanse themselves of parasites adhering to their skin.

Wooden 3D puzzle
Assemble of 72 wooden parts.
There is a sound sensor. Goes and makes trumpet sound.

Size of model: 185/370/100mm
Clap your hands andApatosaurus will ‘vivify’ …

The kit does not include batteries.
Certificates: CE, RoHs, EN71, ASTMT 963

Price: 39,90 lv.


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